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Custom House Types?

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Custom House Types?

I was experimenting with the House tool, specifically seeing if i could reproduce a scheme we have previously developed (quickly) and found that whilst the current tool does have a few sliders and inputs to define your house types which are great they don't however allow for any customization or alternative method of defining houses. For example, we have a house types that have integral roof terraces at first floor - or some that are in effect L shaped in plan - or some that use some of the roof space for accommodation. Currently the House tool does not have any method of accommodating custom typologies which i think will be critical for wider adoption. Maybe there is some way of achieving this that i am not aware of.. but if not please could we have an "Import House Type" function? 

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Hi! We are indeed in the process of mapping next steps for the housing feature, thank you for reaching out, and for the detailed description of your need - very useful for us! Your need is one we've heard before, I'll make sure to let the team know we have an +1 on that. I cannot say we have something in the pipeline as of now, but I'll write back as soon as I know more.

Ragnhild Frøyen Milter
Senior UX Designer

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