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change terrain hieghts

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change terrain hieghts



the  terrain hights is not so accurate (there is gap of 3-4 meters).

Is it possible to change the terrain hieghts points?

on which software the terrain based of?




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Hi there! The terrain Spacemaker automatically fetches depends on the geolocation of your project. Dependent on where you are in the world, the quality of free and automatic data varies. For your location, the data source may be a lower resolution map from Open Street Map or similar? You can check your data sources here


You can opt to edit the terrain in Layers by adding building pads if you'd like. Or import a custom site terrain from your preferred software, both OBJ and IFC imports are supported for terrain. The new terrain will then merge and replace itself with existing terrain. You can read more about how to do this here: Import terrain


There is a lot of great documentation available on which I recommend you check out if you have time! 🙂 



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in reply to: nadavle4

THANK YOU @jesper.staahl 

The pad idea is great 

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Still can edit the Terrain in the new forma? Don't seams able to edit or delate the open data terrain anymore...?


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The link regarding terrain import is broken. Moreover, I cannot also override the default terrain. I have imported the terrain as an obj file but it is not considered in analysis (rapid wind).

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I have found a solution. First, export the default terrain of Forma. Then open the readme file, there is a part including geolocation details. You need to copy this values exactly when you are importing your own topography as obj file. After the import, when you click the tree dots over the imported file, you will see an option as "convert to terrain". Than it wil replace the default one. But the neighbouring buildings from OSM will not snap automatically to the new terrain. There may be a workaround for this, too.

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@ilker.karadag I'm a bit confused about changing the topography. For example, I get a dxf data from a surveyor and linked it to Revit and I want to use this data for the design process in Forma with Revit Combo (replacing the terrain from Forma), could you give me some enlightenment?

I'm a bit lost.. 

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This is a manual process, it will work for the Revit, too. You can just simply update the terrain and then sync it with Revit. As I explained before, export the model from Forma. There is an option for it, three dots near the proposal label. After exporting, you just need the coordinates placed in the readme file. Then, you can simply import your own topography to Forma in obj format. During the import, a dialog screen will be appeared which is asking for the coordinates. Use the data that you have before here. That’s it. Then convert the obj to native terrain of Forma, which is very easy with just clicking on three dots near the geometry you have imported.

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