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Assign functions to an imported 3D model

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Assign functions to an imported 3D model



I have imported a 3D model from Rhino as a .obj file, and I want to assign different functions to my building blocks (residential, commercial etc.), but I don't seem to find a way to do that in the 3D sketching tool. Am I searching in the wrong place?



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Hey Francesca! 
You can go into 3d sketch -> Add floors -> Exit 3D sketch -> Click on one of the floors you created and add function in the right panel.

You can also use our Rhino plugin that allows you to assign either residential or commerical function already in Rhino and send the geometry directly to Forma. 

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To add to @krzysztof_jedrzejewskiAT8YZ's response, you can see an example of this here in our help center🙂


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Hi Josh, 

Thank you for your reply. Could you relink the help center link? It doesn't seem to work for me... thanks! 

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@Francesca_HNAP our help center requires you to sign in, so if you see an Autodesk sign-in prompt when you click the link, you'll have to go through those steps before you see the content. 


Let me know if that helps?


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead

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