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Add/Change source for (dutch) 3d buildings, if possible?

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Add/Change source for (dutch) 3d buildings, if possible?

Would it be possible to add the (free online available) "BAG 3D DATA" into the data library for more accurate 3d buildings of the netherlands?


Below you can see the basic 3d buildings as available in the data library (TU Delft Bag)  with flat roofs and many missing buildings on the left, and a downloaded BAG 3D DATA OBJ file imported into Sketchup which does includes the missing buildings of the TU Delft Bag and containing flat and sloped roofs for more accuracy.



Image: differences between Forma 3d data library "TU Delft Bag" (Left) and Sketchup imported "BAG 3D DATA (2.2)" (Right).


To add all the sloped roofs and missing buildings to the data provided by Forma, is very time consuming.

Some how i could not get the edited OBJ file imported into the data Library (may have selected the wrong units or coordination system? wil have to test some more...)


Below you can see the differences in wind analysis results (Tu Delft on the left, edited BAG on the right:


Image: Forma comparison between basic data library buildings and edited and imported 3d buildings conform BAG.


The differences may be small this time, but could effect the outcome significantly!


(BAG 3D DATA is free available online in various formats such as CityJason, OBJ, GPKG, WMS and WF, here (dutch) )



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Thank you for your inquiry. We are constantly working on providing better data sources in Forma. For each new data source we consider, we evaluate the amount of work needed for integration with the value that will be created across our user base.

We see that LoD2 building data is available in some countries and regions, and is an attractive data set. At the same time, we see that we will need to put some effort in converting and adapting the data that is out there to fit with the product.

We are working on doing this evaluation now, and have not reached a conclusion yet. So it is too early to say whether we will decide to implement support for LoD2, and if so, when that will be available.
We will of course share info about any LoD2 support in a later product update - if that becomes part of the product.

Best regards,

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Great news, hope you can figure out an easy way to implement the data.

Will keep my eyes on this post for future updates!

Thanks for the effort!

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