Key Value Display in Revit Schedules


Key schedules are a great way to preset information that is the same for multiple elements. It can be used for processes such as specifying room finishes, door hardware information, etc. In this example, I will show how a key schedule is used with a door schedule, but this process can be used whenever you want to use a key schedule.


I had an email come through a while back asking for a way to make a key-value cell show as empty in a schedule. Before I get into how to solve this issue, I want to share the background of the process.


First, let's take a look at the key schedule. The first column, Key Name, is the key value parameter. The next column, Frame Type, is a built-in instance parameter, as is the Frame Material parameter. These two parameters are controlled by the key value.


door key schedule.png


When you have a key value parameter in your schedule, if you don't choose a key value, the cell displays "(none)". In the door schedule, I have shaded the columns the same color as they correspond to the key schedule, for clarity.


Door schedule w key value.png


When you put the schedule on the sheet, notice that the "(none)" still appears.


Door schedule w key value - sheet view.png


The easiest way to solve this problem is to not actually show the Key Value parameter in your schedule but instead use it to fill in another parameter. In this case, the DoorFrameType parameter (which is the key value parameter) has the same value as the Frame Type parameter. So, in your working schedule, you would see all the parameters, but in your sheet schedule, you would hide the DoorFrameType parameter, and the value would be covered by the Door Frame Type parameter.


Door schedule - sheet 2.png


This may seem a little tedious because it would be nice not to have to put the same information into two parameters. Still, because of the nature of a key schedule, it's a lot less tedious than entering the same information manually for every door. I hope this helps solve a little problem that will make your Revit work easier!