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Vertical Profile Table

Vertical Profile Table

Civil 3D is a very powerful tool and has a ton of dynamic vertical profile information available to place in the profile views. 


What it won't do is create a table with that same dynamic information similar to a horizontal alignment table.


Many people have requested this feature over the years and now I am as well.


The information is already computed. The coding for tables is already in the software. It seems to me it would be very easy for you to add this feature to Civil 3D.


Thank you.

Barron Parks

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @barron.parksYY4VB . This functionality is available in Project Explorer for Civil 3D (which is included in the AEC Collection). This tool enables you to create dynamic, customizable AutoCAD tables (including profile data).




Thank you Tim Yarris and I'm glad it's available in the software. Problem is now, how do I get to this "Project Explorer" to make a custom table?


@barron.parksYY4VB , Project Explorer is available in the AEC Collection and to customers who have an Enterprise Business Agreement. 

You can download a free trial here:

Thank you Tim,


I have Project Explorer loaded and have been tinkering with the settings to get the table I want in the format I need. Your help was very much appreciated. Have a great day.

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