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Project objects to Profile/Section view - Expose API

Project objects to Profile/Section view - Expose API

With Dynamo, a wide range of opportunities opened in C3D, such as creating 3D objects along corridors.

It would be nice to project these Dynamo created objects directly to profile and section views via the dynamo script.

The ProjectObjectsToProf/Sect commands are time consuming in case of iterartions or object changes, with selecting and lots of clicks. It would be a lot more convinient via scripts. At least Create(), Remove() Method and adjustable properties.


I also have more API expose ideas (e.g alingment masking). Is there any forum dedicated for this? Or any surveys would be nice.






this is a necessary feature for automation in my opinion.  thanks for your consideration.


@TimYarris would you guys take this under review?

This would be a large time saver until the teams get to this roadmap item:

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