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Surface definition menu organization and boundaries

Surface definition menu organization and boundaries

I often help my colleagues with their drawings and its not unusual that they have  ALOT of surface definition operations.  Sometimes it can be "added line" or "delete multiple lines" by the tens.  I would be very helpful if we could have some organizing help here.  


Some suggestions: 


  • Color code each type of operation
  • Perhaps a collapse menu for several similar operations to get a better overview over the list.
  • A way for move "outer boundary"  above all hide/show boundaries, and make sure it stays there.
  • A button for quick removal of all the operations with the red sign 

    And a suggestion about boundaries 
  • Highlight selected boundary object in drawing when selecting the boundary in the Toolspace!


Thank you. This is an excellent idea. Digging for a definition-related issue when there are thousands of operations can definitely use help doing these lines.


All excellent ideas that should be implemented. I would also add the ability to edit the specifics of some definition items, like being able to select a set of Breaklines that were added, and change the mid-ordinate distance, or other specifics, etc...

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


It would also really be handy to be able to have all the boundary operations at the bottom.  For flexibility, maybe have the ability to have a bar with a fixed end section, and when you move stuff into that area, all new surface definition operations will be above that bar.  

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