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Structure Table | Inverts By Direction?

Structure Table | Inverts By Direction?

Creating a wish related to this thread, at Autodesk's request:




Here's a quote of the initial post from that thread, in order to help save time, so that others might be able to quickly decide to vote or not:

@BlackBox_ wrote:

How does one go about setting up a Structure Table that looks like this, where each Structure Invert is in a separate column:




... And NOT something that looks like this (which is all I've been able to figure out Smiley Surprised ); we do not want all of the Inverts are dumped into a single column:








How do you recommend handling the other directions? (i.e. NW, SW, NE, SE)

With curvy streets we're always coming across them. I presume you already have a company standard in place for your tables.


>> How do you recommend handling the other directions? (i.e. NW, SW, NE, SE)


Great question!


IMO, it is statistically impossible to have a Pipe, let alone multiple in the same project, that are not weighted towards either North, or West, in the case of NW, as example.


While NW is more accurate, the contractor doesn't care - they just need to know which primary direction a given pipe invert is referring to, in order to orientate a pre-fab structure in the ground, etc.


For those that need this information, or level of detail, it's already available... Problem is those who need to control the output to meet standards, given Autodesk's lazy approach to the 'connected pipes' cluster.


At minimum - I need the means by which to create an Expression that only tests true for a given direction (ideally using WCMATCH, so that logic test could include NW, etc.), in order to populate a table's cell - Something which is not currently possible, given the inherent cluster.





I've wished in the past that there was some control for this. (e.g. if the pipe is within x° of a cardinal direction, use the cardinal. Past that point, use the intermediate direction). I have a whole subdivision which is at approx 45° rotation ... sometimes it's tempting to just rotate the whole thing!


If you were to eliminate the NW direction altogether, and call the invert either N or W you could get some strange results. For example, if you had an intersection which was just slightly less than 90°, you could end up with two West inverts, where one would be NW and the other SW.


We certainly need something better than the "text for each" component which currently gives us no control on the placement of invert labels. (I'm just talking about labels here, haven't dug too far into tables to be honest but I imagine the components are similar.)

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