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single object, multiple segments to control targeting:Discontinuous Alignment

single object, multiple segments to control targeting:Discontinuous Alignment

Allow discontinuous alignments. If civl 3d recognized all the parts of an alignment even if the segments we not entirely connected, we could use 1 target instead of 10. For example in another software we have an alignment called "beamguard left". In this alignment name, we have 6 different segments of alignment where there should be beam guard placed and we use something similar to conditional targets to turn the beam guard on an off. This results in less regions to manage targets and less targets to manage overall.


We also used this for edge lines. Where there were gaps in the alignment (at intersections) the corridor software did not include anything outside the main 24' roadway. This again results in less regions and less places to need to set targets.


Big picture. I am looking for a single container to throw a bunch of segments to control conditional targeting dynamically. Currently I don't think feature lines, alignments, or polylines can accomplish this.


What if you could dynamically target a layer instead of a static selection of elements?



Peter Funk
Sr Product Manager
Civil 3D
Autodesk, Inc.

Status changed to: Future Consideration

A layer could work. Any single named thing that can be a dynamic container of targetting.

Status changed to: Accepted

Depending on if the corrdior is in multiple files, data shortcutting or xreffing could be needed.


This feature would be very useful also for proposed profiles, to make targets for ditch subassambley (in most cases they are discontinuous). And it would be easier to show in profile band design data labels for ditches, as it would show only labels where profile line is drawn.


Hi guys, if you are interested, we have just developed new app for multiple targeting. May be it could solve some of your suffering 🙂



-------------------- See the app -------------------- 


Hi @lambertb  -- I'm revisiting this idea because we're doing some related work on the corridor targeting tools. I have two clarifying questions:

  1. Currently Civil 3D has the ability to use a layer for a group of Feature Lines, Survey Figures, and Polylines. You cannot use a layer to target a group of Alignments. I assume you want Alignments to have that same functionality? That is: you would place a group of alignments on a layer, and then target the layer (which would then apply the alignments on that layer as targets). 
  2. In the example below, you would want both segments labeled "Target Alignment - Discontinuous" to be used as targets, correct? Or because you can do this with the linear strings listed in #1, is this requirement still valid?
  3. As part of Item 1, we are working on making the existing target by layer functionality dynamic. The idea is that if you add new objects to a target layer, the new objects are applied as targets automatically.

I know it's been a while since you submitted this idea, but I would very much appreciate it if you would confirm the above assumptions.


Hi @TimYarris ,

if the 3) point will come true, it will save a lot of time! 


I believe that "discontinuous" alignment is not necessary if we can use dynamic targeting to all objects on a layer. Point 3) solves everything except targeting through data shortcuts - alignments


Still, try the mention app, I do not work in CAD Studio company anymore but I use the product from time to time ... 


dynamic layers work. In your example, it would be Corrdior>Target> Dynamic Layer> BeamGuard-Rt


Alignments allow for a couple of things. 1. You can use folders and trees vs layer filters. 2. You can data shortcut them and reuse them in other corridors. This is useful because many times we have to break our roadways into multiple files due to their length. 3. Others users could be doing updates to things like the edge of pavement or beam guard length of need and these updates would come through the data shortcut where another user could not edit the lines in a corridor dwg.


Thanks for the responses.

@lambertb , that's an excellent point about data referencing alignment targets. In the image I posted, the targets are one alignment, where there is a gap between the two segments. Can you confirm you'd expect both segments to be applied as targets (but obviously not the gap between them)?

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