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Band Aid BIM Improvement - Paste Surface Options

Band Aid BIM Improvement - Paste Surface Options

Well it seems a real Civil BIM can't be expected to come from Autodesk. So how about an improvement to the Band Aid BIM process?

Currently pasting surfaces is a nightmare of epic proportions. Just describing the steps to create a subgrade surface takes way to long. Why not add some additional options to the paste surface options to help us out?




The include breakline offset will add in a breakline at a specified offset distance from the pasted surface's boundaries. The distance should be allowed to be positive or a negative value. This will represent a breakline that will sample the surface of the surface the edit operation is being operated on and add it to the surface definition. This will provide a triangle surface at the paste location to tighten up the surface. It could also be set to 50 feet to provide a transition between two surfaces instead of an abrupt change randomness that is set by the triangulation of the original surface.


The Add Show Boundaries would solve this issue.


This would make this long document way shorter. 


To illistrate the issue I wrote this blog post as well. 

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Yes please!

Adding the 'non-destructive' breakline at a offset would be a huge time saver!

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