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Setting for path to data shortcuts......

Setting for path to data shortcuts......

We store our projects in the following folder structure.  But C3D seems to expect to find all data shortcuts in one folder.  Every time I switch from one project to another, C3D forgets where to find the shortcuts and I have to use the "Set Working Folder" option.





I envision a place to tell C3D that under a chosen project, look for "04-Drawings\_Shortcuts".  And that Working folder will ALWAYS be P:\  Then I'd just pick the appropriate project number from the list and C3D would find the shortcuts.  Older projects had a slightly different path (instead of P:\{ProjectNumber}\04-Drawings\_Shortcuts\, it was P:\{ProjectNumber}\06-Drawings\_Shortcuts\.  Maybe this could be set to allow multiple paths?



I just tried it again in C3D 2024 and if I set the working folder to "P:\", it assumes I want the first project that it finds with a _Shortcuts folder.


But if I set working folder to a path, then use the "New Data Shortcuts Folder" option, it does create a new project under that folder.  So I'm not sure how you're expecting this to work.


To me, I would set working folder to the root of all the projects and then link my file to a project.  Once the file is linked to a project, it should REMEMBER that link between sessions.

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