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Rotate profile view to match UCS/rotation of plan view

Rotate profile view to match UCS/rotation of plan view

A little background: a majority of the projects I work on are within city streets (i.e. pipe replacement along 3 blocks), so I usually align my model space ucs to be perpendicular to the street I am working on. It would be nice to have the pipe profile view in model space be rotated to the UCS of my plan view (as opposed to only staying in world UCS). I understand I could set this up in paper space and work from there, but it would be convienient to have everything line up in model space. I understand I could have 2 model viewports, but I would like to pan between plan and profile seamlessly.


Below is an example of a 10+ block project. If my profile views lined up with my street, it would be easier to pan back and forth between plan/profile, instead of switching viewports and having to figure out where I am.



Is there a reason why the profile view is always "stuck" at world UCS? I would like to know how much others find this an issue with their workflows.




I feel your pain on this one.  We also do similar scope work and the streets are very rarely west to east all of the time.  This one is at a 45-degree angle northwest to southeast.  I found it pretty easy to work in two model space viewports, but what would be awesome is if the Profile viewport kept up with where I was panning and zooming around in the Plan viewport, and possibly vice versa.   I also have 6 intersection alignments with profile views off to the side that I would have to find each time I switched to work on those.  I agree there could be something done to make this process easier.




I should add that I have two monitors, and I set it up so that my cad window stretches through both monitors, and use two vertical viewports (one on each screen) which maximizes real estate better than two horizontal viewports ('m using 2014 so can't adjust the size of the model viewports).


why not use the section editor and set a view configuration of just plan and profile? Create a corridor based on the alignment and profile and give it a blank assembly as a placeholder. That way you'll have 2 views working together. It sounds like you might already have a corridor object anyway.

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