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Either a civil engineer or quantity surveying you always requested to calculate the amount of concrete, steel bars, or reinforcement percentage rate (throw tendering procedure)


Most of them didn’t practice such work daily or even weekly, this make that procedure are difficult and consume the time.

Add to that the errors and omissions that is highly occurred due to lack of practicing.


By use this software the process is considered data entry (for concrete and steel bars) instead of doing measurement math calculation


What I realized from my experiences that most of estimation process is depend on an average calculations especially for steel reinforcement bars, instead of measurement calculations as its need a huge effort and high concentration


As result I decided to collect all the equations, calculation and relations of each part of concrete building, in excel files.


The software need an interface and marketing plan, which I am not familiar with.


The software is:

Easy to use by non-specialist  

Errors percentage is almost 3%

Time saving




P.S the software is designed for middle east countries, and could be developed depend on the drawing, codes, and standard for any other countries



Please review the attached information and if you are interested please let me know

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