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Pipe Network Layers

Pipe Network Layers

Provide the ability to save and restore layer groups inside the Pipe Network Layers dialog box.


This would be much faster then going through each layer button, and the two sub-dialogs that follow.

Currently, to set all 5 layers requires going through several dialogs and a minimum of about 27 clicks.







I think it's a good idea and you got my vote.

But it got me thinking; why do you need to change these ever? Could you avoid changing them if this idea or this one were implemented?


@troma - if you use the same template drawing for two utility types, you may have a different set of layers for each one of those.


For example, you might want a different set of layers for sanitary sewer pipes and structures vs. storm sewer pipes and structures.






Is that not addressed by the first idea I linked?

If you set the layer for sanitary or storm in the pipe style, the idea proposes that the pipe object itself is then created on this layer.


Although I was thinking of the Object Layers setting, and I'm not sure how that relates to the Pipe Network Layers  box that you show.


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