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pipe flow - set default (to set default to by slope)

pipe flow - set default (to set default to by slope)

Allow users to choose the default pipe flow direction method. Currently it defaults as start to end. In my opinion, By Slope should be the default.


Maybe a hotfix can default it to by slope for 2016. Is there a gravity design for pipes where the flow direction is based on the start and end structures? I prefer to flow based on slope.


There are times when pipes are installed in an adverse slope condition. A couple examples I can think of are if the pipes are in a siphon, the ground settles, or installed incorrectly. I like the idea of having the options.


I do agree with your points. I like how you prefaced it with "there are times". I would guess if the default was by slope, I would change 1 pipe slope out of 1000 to Start to End structure. I have used it for siphon design, the others seem to be field condition tasks. It is interesting having new users figure out the pipe structure to structure direction, then the downslope/upslope layout method, only to see the flow direction is opposite due to one of the options you can choose.


Under toolspace - prospector - pipe networks open your pipe network. Click on pipes so that the pipe spreadsheet appears at the bottom of the toolspace. Find the "flow method" column in the spreadsheet and right click on the "flow method" header at the top of the column. Select edit and select "by slope." All pipes in the network will change to "by slope" (or whatever flow method you choose).


You can also use this operation to change the description of all your pipes as well. By default, the pipe description is drawn from the parts catalog, which cannot be edited in the catalog. After you have laid out your pipe network (a SS network for example), you can change all the pipe descriptions to PVC, C-900, DIP, etc by right clicking on the "description" header and entering a new string. The same works for changing all the structure descriptions too.


I find it frustrating that these "minor" changes/ adjustments are so difficult to find. I have spent hours checking and changing the flow method on several projects.


I found NO solution when searching the internet and would NOT have found this solution if I did not look at the comments portion of this "Ideas" post.


There should be a possibility to define this setting as a default setting!


90% of the time pipe flow is by slope. it would make sense for this to be the default and manually edit the occasional instance where that's not the case.


Agreed here we are 5 years later still no found fix.  I checked where it should be in the COMMANDS editor to adjust DEFAULTS.  Create it in COMMANDS; CREATE NETWORK ; PIPE NETWORK DEFAULTS;  OR please guide me to the right spot if I and missing it.   Thank you!





@TimYarris what do you think, would the idea be easy to implement?


Pipe Network Flow Direction Set By Slope as the default, for gravity pipes. 


It doesn't appear to be an option to change the default. Make this adjustable or only set by default to be by slope, then people can adjust it to be something else in the rare case that it's needed. We add flow arrows labels to our pipes to show the direction of flow, and it needs to be set by slope to display correctly. 


It looks like people have been asking for this for many years now. 

I asked the question to my team and everyone said they have had to edit the flow direction for the pipe network. This is a lot of wasted clicks and time. 


Should this all be in the same idea topic? It might stand out more if Autodesk could see many people over many years are asking for the same thing. 


Desperately needed.

@lim.wendy is this something that could possibly be escalated?  Not sure how that works on your end, and as always, thank you much.

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