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Linkoffset perpendicular to widthTarget

Linkoffset perpendicular to widthTarget

The modelling concept of C3D is "connect all the sections(made by ASSEMBLY) together, and the sections must be perpendicular to center-line", which means all the links in that ASSEMBLY are in the same plane at each position. So, an offsetLink can only follow this plane to get to corresponding widthTarget, but not  perpendicular.


That's not correct when meeting the occasion of "widthTargets not parallel with center-line".

People says grading makes everything right,yes it can. But grading can't produce construction drawings, it can only calculate.


We have tested many projects, and found out this is serve problem in 3D modelling.

However, modelling Corridor using assemblies is an inner function which users cant intervene.


Please ADD an option as "assembly-links can go perpendicular to widthTarget " in addition to current "stay put in the same plane of current position".

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