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Option on sub-assembly properties to exclude from targeting menu.

Option on sub-assembly properties to exclude from targeting menu.

To clean up the targeting menu, it would be awesome if you could include an option when creating the assemblies to limit which subassemblies will be shown in the targeting menu. For example, if my roadway assembly includes main lane, curb & gutter, a grass area and sidewalk. More often than not i am only using one of those sub-assemblies to target a surface or feature line or alignment. Like i may attach a "link slope to surface" on the outside of my sidewalk sub-assembly and will only be using it. It would be nice to have simple check box in the properties menu so that  I can basically turn off targeting options for the main road, c&g, sidewalk. This would make targeting much easier and less prone to error.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @corey.maynardJPLGQ . 

Have you worked with the new Target Mapping dialog box in Civil 3D 2022.1? There are options to filter by subassembly and other properties while setting targets:



It sounds like you want them permanently excluded from the list, but hopefully the new dialog will get you close enough to what you're looking for.

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