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Object Selection Sets

Object Selection Sets

Use Case:

I often wish to select a set of disparate objects independent of other disparate objects. For example, I may want to select and then view in object viewer two separate surfaces, a gravity pipe network, and a pressure pipe network all at the same time. 



To do this now, I have to select these objects individually each time I want this selection set. This is OK, but what if I want to select these objects together over and over again. Well, as you can see, I have to do those same repetitive clicks over and over again too which is a huge waste of time.



Allow me to create "Selection Sets" of objects. These "Selection Sets" could be a new tree node in the Toolspace. Maybe these "Selection Sets" are just folders to which I can add shortcuts to various objects in my drawing. Then, I would be able to quickly select the folder or "Selection Set" and instantly have access to that collection of objects all at once.


I look forward to seeing what can be done in this regard.





Status changed to: Gathering Support

@ryanlaughlin, I think the QSELECT command gets close to solving this requirement. The downside is that you're not able to save a selection set for reuse. Would saving the results of a QSELECT selection set get you what you're looking for?

No. The selection set process uses filters to generate the set of objects.
Filtering would not allow for customized selection sets.

Thanks for your comment.

You could try with "Group" object of AutoCAD.


I think the ObjectViewer should ask us: Select Object or Group. If you select Group then it shows a drop-down list of all Groups in the drawing, so you could select a Group directly if you saved before.


Group would be set as non selectable.


If your group is selectable=Yes, then you can pick directly on the object but then we have to edit every time that Group (put Selectable Yes or Not every time).


@joantopo I don't like this option because then you are asking the "group" feature to do double duty. I like using the "group" feature for easy drafting, moving, etc. Asking it to also be used for saving groups for viewing purposes is too much. I'd prefer to to be able to manage the objects that are selected using a tree/folder view so you can see at a glance which objects are part of that set. 


Thanks for your comment!

Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea, @ryanlaughlin. We will continue to evaluate it for possible future consideration as it gains support with other customers.

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