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Mark names in the alignment entities.

Mark names in the alignment entities.


This feature is present in Istram Ispol software.


I would like to have 2 new columns in the "Alignment layout tools" called "Mark point (Set)" and "Mark point (Get)", where we can put a "Mark name".

The concept is similar than the "mark points" in the subassemblies using "set" and "get" mark points.




Alignment 2:




The start station of the entity 1( of the alignment 2) will be got from the mark point (p5) which is from another alignment entity, which has the mark name "p5". Obviously, the entity 1( of the alignment 2) must be a fixed entity.


Another alignment, for example "alignment 3", has an entity (Nº4) with "Get mark point" = "m1", so the start station of this entity will be got from the start station of the 2.1 entity (from alignment 1).


Even, if there is an option to get the entity data such as (radius, length,...),--in case both entities were 2 arcs, 2 spirals or 2 tangents, this data could be copied to the another entity, not only the start station.





If the entity has a "get mark point", obviously this entity must be a fixed entity. If not, perhaps Civil 3D should convert it to a fixed entity.


For example, if the 2.2 subentity had a "get mark point", then Civil 3D should convert automatically the entity 2 to 3 fixed entities. (fixed spiral, fixed curve and fixed spiral).


Maybe, another new column (checkboxcolumn) in the Alignment layout tools, if we want to "copy" only the start station of the entity or even the data about the entity (radius,throw points, length,....) in case both entities was the same type (for example, both were tangent entities).





In the header of each column in the attached picture, I wanted to say "Set mark entity" and "Get mark entity".




Ok, I have recorded these animated gifs about this idea from Istram Ispol software.



In the first gif, we type an ID (etiqueta) for an alignment entity, in this case a straight line, and another entity from another alignment use this Id as a Type property.

As you can see, the straight line of the second alignment is dynamic if we edit the first alignment.


entronques cON ETIQUETA  Ispol.gif


The X1,Y1 (are the start station) and X2,Y2 are the end station but these values are omitted.

Look at that we can modify the length "Lx1" or offset "Desp" of the entity in this second alingment.


In fact, this entity (from the second alignment) just consider the start station and direction of the linked entity.



In the second gif, we use another variant with type=1005.

We can stablish the start station of the new entity (start station is related to the stations of the first alignment).

We can put a length, offset and tangent(angle between the first alignment and the second alignment).





Civil 3D has the "offset alignment" but it would be necessary "offset alignment entity" to add an entity in another alignment according to the selected entity of another alignment.




Ok, here in PowerCivil:


minute 10:40


They have the "Single offset Partial" and "Single offset element"


Look at the settings in the dialog box in the "Single offset Partial". We can apply: length,offset,...


It takes the Direction Reference.

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