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Lock elevations in a feature line (in the grading elevations Editor)

Lock elevations in a feature line (in the grading elevations Editor)

Imagine the following example:


We have a feature line with elevations and we want to take the elevations of the surface for a several vertex (and elevation points), but not for all.


So, I can use the command "elevations from surface" but then all the elevations of the feature line will be changed.


The idea would be lock the elevations, for vertex and elevation points  in the Grading Elevations Editor. (new column in the datatable).


We can lock the elevations for the vertex of a design profile, so why not for feature lines too?




How does this not have more kudos? 


This is the typical scenario where we would need to lock the elevations:


We have 2 corridor surfaces and our feature line needs the elevation from both:




The workaround would be then:

-Get elevations from the orange surface.

-Lock the elevation vertex of the vertex located on the orange surface.

-Get elevations from the green surface. (so the locked elevations are not changed).


But I would prefer directly, a command where we can choose several surfaces to apply elevations to the FeatureLine according to a priority. 



I agree. how does this not have more kudos?


I have some contours that i have turned into feature lines and am stringing a vditch across them. My contours are set and I want the vditch to inherit elevations from them and NOT the other way around. 


Also, the crossing elevation points same very fickle to me....grading up from them on the elvation editor seems to throw them out of whack.

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This would be extremely helpful when grading from existing surfaces to proposed as well. 

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