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Layer Filter by Selection for Civil 3d Objects

Layer Filter by Selection for Civil 3d Objects

We all like to manage our civil 3d styles in combination with regular AutoCAD layers. But quite often after assigning layers in the display tab we need to modify the layers properties. It can be difficult to determine what layers a civil 3d style is using, as we have to keep flicking between the “edit style” dialog box and the layer manager.


Unfortunately within the Display Tab of any style edit, we can only assign layers not modify the layers properties themselves. Meaning you need to keep closing the box and going back to the layer manager.

Although adding the ability to edit the layer properties from within the style box might be handy, It would be even more useful to filter layers in the layer manager based on the selected objects.


This would make quick changes to styles possible without overriding the layers selected in the styles or even ever needing to enter the “edit style” dialog box

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