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Improve the Object Viewer

Improve the Object Viewer

The Object Viewer coulld have been so useful. It is just too inefficient and slow. I gave up using it.

Why do other CAD packagess could do it so efficiently, like Vulcan doing it like a breeze.

I think the Object Viewer is taking it along all reactors and other intellligent heavy baggages.

But we're just viewing the objects, it should just display simply so you can orbit and analyze the objects.

I'm not going to export to 3DDwf or toggle between Infraworks and C3D, i prefer this tool to be improved.

If it was offered in the first place, please make it useful.





I agree that the object viewer is quite painful to use for certain objects e.g. corridors
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Huge Thanks to Autodesk that they listen to their users. Version 2017 addresses these issues.

2017 now fully harnesses GPU's for displaying 3D triangles and linetypes, instead of using the linear CPU's. Parallel processing is extremely powerful in GPU's as these (like NVidia) have hundreds (and now thousands) of cores. Compare that to cpu's which you could be happy enough to have a quad or octa-core.

But...what ? isn't is appaling that they should have done that years ago. Many CAD packages have been ustilizing this technology since gpu's were here.


There's been an ongoing debate since the first days of Civil 3D over whether to use Object Viewer or the base AutoCAD 3D orbit/navigation tools for 3D visual inspection. The base AutoCAD transparent orbit tool has improved signicantly over the years - both in performance, stability and capability. We've also done quite a bit with the Civil 3D "Drive" command. 


Metric - CIP command usage shows that the AutoCAD 3D Orbit command is used almost twice as frequently as Object Viewer.




Are there things that you can do in Object Viewer that you cannot do using AutoCAD 3D Orbit? Or to put it another way - what would we need to do to AutoCAD 3D Orbit and C3D "Drive" commands in order to eliminate the Object Viewer?



Dave Simeone 

Status changed to: Implemented

Note that the Object Viewer uses the same graphics engine (2D and 3D) that is in AutoCAD. Therefore the AutoCAD 3D graphics improvements in R2017 and other general graphics improvements significantly improve the performance and stability of Object View.


That said, we're still interested in understanding how/when you use Object Viewer in place of the AutoCAD Orbit and Civil 3D Drive commands.



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