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Hatch Patterns in slope patterns (grading)

Hatch Patterns in slope patterns (grading)

There is still some room for improvement in the grading styles:


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add hatching to the fill area style. This still has to be supplemented with an AutoCAD hatching. This should definitely be added.


The same is true for the slope patterns styles. There, too, it would be an advantage if you only have an grading without a 3D profile body, if you could store a hatch.


In plain language, this means: For both the fill area style and the slope style, a component "hatch patterns" should be added.






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In slope grading, hatch patterns are used to indicate different types of materials on a construction plan. These patterns can be used to show the location of soil, gravel, concrete, and other materials used in the construction of the slope. The hatch patterns are typically created using lines at different angles and spacings to create a unique visual representation of the material. This makes it easy for contractors, engineers Store Computations , and other professionals to quickly identify the materials on the plan and ensure that they are installed correctly. Additionally, using hatch patterns in slope grading plans can help to reduce confusion and improve communication between team members during the construction process.

Tool palette of slop hatch : add hatch patterns between two feauture line (polyline 3D) , add hatch patterns 2D between 2 polylines. Possiblity to edit vertex of feature line

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