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Grading Optimization to support Alignments, Profiles and Corridors

Grading Optimization to support Alignments, Profiles and Corridors

I think Grading Optimization "GO" has huge potential for Civil 3D and can help us overcome many software limitations when it comes to more complex grading projects.


I however find myself rarely using GO, the main reason being it does not currently fit with my traditional workflows.  I heavily rely on Alignments, Profiles and Corridors for most of my work which GO does not support.


For starters, if I was able to select my Alignment and Proposed profile, I could quickly incorporate a proposed road into GO (as a pathway or something similar) and grade the rest of my site (building pads made from feature lines etc).


Beyond that, if GO was able to incorporate my Corridors as well, as an automatic Exclusion Zone, I could add in more accurate road data in GO for greater grading accuracy.  Currently, I must add my corridor surface onto the grading surface and draw manually an exclusion zone around my corridor.

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Thank you for submitting this idea. Would you agree that this idea is similar? If so, I will combine them.

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