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Electrical & Communications wiring/devices as C3D objects

Electrical & Communications wiring/devices as C3D objects

The pipe networks in C3D are great (although there's definitely room for improvement).  But I'm looking for similar functionality for Electrical/Communications work in C3D.  I want to place a Handhole for example that C3D "knows" how many wires it contains, what type they are and to where they're routed.  It could also include info as to what trenching it requires.


I want to be able to show the lines/structures on my profiles along with the pipe networks to check for conflicts.


I'm not looking for anything that actually helps decide what type of wiring/devices I need or anything like that.  I mainly want to be able to find conflicts with other objects.


I can just imagine cutting a cross section across a communications conduit and electrical conduit and automatically having it generate a section showing the trench required with the conduits there and the propsed surface.

Did you found an answer to this?
It's currently not possible (which I knew when I posted this). This is the IdeaStation for C3D where we post and vote on ideas and requests for new features that we want to see added to C3D.

If you like an idea and want to see it implemented, be sure to vote on it.

Hi doni49, are you currently using a different method or hack to simulate what you are trying to achieve with communication conduits?



Hack yes. Plain old dumb autocad elements (lines, circles, ellipses). A real PITA!

They really need to implement some telecommunication network infrastructure like cabling, splice closures, etc. into Civil 3D.  The demand is there with many other software options out there right now.  Our company supplies AutoCAD Map 3D 2016 and I've used it to design projects.  The 3D element is helpful where I'll use the vertical line segments for slack loops.  I've created blocks for the different structure like handholes that have different codes for pay items as attributes.  These get extracted where I have to cut and paste into Excel labor/material formulas.  It's a tedious method and I was hoping that I could develop a more rapid approach with Civil 3D that would reduce the data modification from the extraction process through the QTO in Civil which seems promising from the tutorials I've watched so far.  Yet I spent a few hours looking across search engines to find several FTTx design software options and am baffled as to why Civil doesn't even have an electrical or comm option within the program or does a plug in or app exist for the program.


Hey guys! Any updates here? How can i solve the same problem as OP had?


What did you end up doing?


I share the same sentiments about the pipe networks in C3D, and it would be fantastic to have similar functionality for Electrical/Communications work.

From my own experience, I can say that integration with solutions like Inseego can further enhance capabilities and streamline the cross-section generation for improved conflict identification. You can contact inseego customer service if interested. It's exciting to imagine the potential advancements in C3D that would greatly benefit electrical and communications professionals in their design and planning processes.




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nice post thanks! 

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