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Profile View: Show me location of Station X.

Profile View: Show me location of Station X.

There are many times that I need to find a particular station on my Profile View.  To do this, I usually draw a circle on the bottom axis from a known station whose radius works with the station I'm looking for.  Then where the circle crossed the bottom access, I draw a line up to the profile in question.


Very teadious.


Here you go: 




Thanks Fred.  That gets me closer to what I need.  But the most common reason that I've needed to do this is to FIND the profile elevation at the given station.

My bad--the Inquiry Tool (on the Analyze tab) has a LOT of useful information and I'd like to enter the station and have it fill out all the pertenent info for the profile at that station.


I guess I shouldn't have said Profile View either.  This would go under the Profile part of the Inquiry Tool -- pick a profile and type in a station.




P.S.  Once I had the location using my previous method, I'd use the option shown in the previous image to get the elevation.


That's why I thought I'd just needed to find the location based on the station.

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