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Dynamic corridor feature lines

Dynamic corridor feature lines

I have had success using multiple codes within a corridor template to create truly dynamic feature lines to define 

curb returns and parking islands to name a few within the parent corridor as a baseline identity. I have coded my template as FG (finish grade) , Target (target elevations) thus and creating separate surfaces within the corridor using that naming convention, thus allowing me to target a feature line definition to the target (Target) surface breaking the circular reference problem, the result is a fully dynamic definition such as an island , retaining wall etc that is updated to accommodate changes in the template automatically with no further input, the feature line will also respond to being moved , altered or copied from one location to another and will take on the parent corridor elevations and re contoured

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Hi @michaelrupp61 -- this is a really clever use case for corridor templates. Nicely done!

Do you have an idea for how to improve this further? If not, I'll move this post to the general Civil 3D forum so other users can learn from it.

I am currently employing this technique to active Grading projects resulting in a near complete relative elevation (dynamic)relationship to the target suface using only the Dynamic feature lines and parent profile to define complicated Site projects , I amadditionally using offset profiles for any custom warping at ADA areas. I have also found a 2018 release addition sub assembly that handles ADA ramps in the corridor environment and within the corridor as a baseline.

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Bery good

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