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Design Speed from File

Design Speed from File

Sometimes Alignments length is above 100kms in projects.

At the time of steep slopes and built up locations we are having so much variations in speed.

that time we are having changes in speed at frequent intervals which results in bigger design speed table.


Currently we have  Alignment properties > design speed option in which i have to manually type speeds.

If i import data from Landxml or Genio, it will not carry speed table with them.


My idea is to allow import speed from excel (or notepad) option which will refer chainage and speed from excel.


If i have 194 variations in speed.

i.e. 0.000 Km - 25 Kmph

      9.5 Km    - 45 kmph



      193 Km - 35 Kmph.



I have to type all the speeds manually while this button will do all this with one click (if i have ready reference of speed and chainage in excel). 




Also i would like to highlight one bug here.


When i enter design speed in Alignment properties i have two options one is start station and the other is speed.


When i type speed it will apply that speed and again select the same cell.

When i type start station it will apply station value and select the cell which is at last so again you have to scroll upto top for adding next station. (if that station is at 4th number in current view then civil 3D will pick 4th number from last chainage view)

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