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Depth to Invert - Pipe Data Band

Depth to Invert - Pipe Data Band

Can we have a new Property in the Text Component editor that is the Depth to Invert? We have Cover and Diameter?


Can we open up the Component Editor to include expressions where we can add cover + diameter + thickness to get depth to invert?


It is crucial we show this depth on long-sections for Stormwater and Wastewater for local consent authorities, plus it is and industry standard and confuses the constructors to show Cover only.


I've asked this before as have others but in the spirit of Answer Day I'm asking again.

Status changed to: Implemented

In Civil 3D 2021.2 Update, expressions are supported in pipe network profile view bands. This enables you to label depth to invert and many other properties.


That's great.

I cannot see expressions though, under

Settings--Profile View--Band Styles--Pipe Network

Is it somewhere else?

Surely you're not referring to label styles still?



@Steve.Beatty  we were not able to update the out-of-the-box DWTs to add and expression and band style in the update. You can create an expression to calculate depth to invert, and then use that expression in a profile view band style.




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