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Create points (Slope/grade-Cross Slope/grade-Distance) in Points creation Tools

Create points (Slope/grade-Cross Slope/grade-Distance) in Points creation Tools

Like the title sayes, give us the option to enter both directional grade and cross grade in Points creation Tools..That is very useful when offsetting  points on roads (you don't need to calculate and edit for cross grade after you created points with regular Slope/grade-Distance)


To solve that I generally create a setup corridor and its "top" corridor surface.

Then, I insert Cogo points where I want and those points get elevations from that surface.


Maybe, COGO points should have a new category called:


"Create points - Alignment, profile and cross slope" and this command should ask us an alignment, a profile and a fixed cross slope value  (similar than creating a offset profile in an offset alignment), or if we want to use superelevations table from the selected alignment.


So new points will get a calculated elevation determined from profile and cross slope.




Even, The showInquiry palette should have a button called "create COGO point" when we determinates a location by station,offset, etc...

To create a point on the "transient glyph"



Yes, it also can be done with creating feature lines, then offsetting them
and then placing points along them, but mostly I need this for places
without surface,alignment and profiles...

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