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Corridor sections to run perpendicular to width targets

Corridor sections to run perpendicular to width targets

Similar to this post from 6 years ago:


I would like the ability for a corridor section to be applied perpendicular to a width target rather than the corridor CL. This would be very useful for instances of on street parking bays or bump outs for traffic control where the radii of the curbs can be very small. Rather than creating a separate baseline and building new regions, I could check a box or add a target to the curb subassembly that would allow the sections to run perpendicular to the width target for the travelled way, preventing any distortion of the curb. I can see this being useful for things like sidewalks or trails that don't always run perfectly parallel to the road, or roadside ditches that vary in depth but have a constant foreslope that prevents them from running perfectly parallel the the roadway.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. This is something we have under research as part of an overall effort to improve corridor modeling. Please stay tuned.

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