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Corridor region - option to omit subassembly

Corridor region - option to omit subassembly

When creating custom corridors, I often need to omit part of assembly in specific regions. I usually do this by applying modified assembly to these regions, which results in a number of copies of same assembly only modified with omitted (removed) subassemblys. Having option in corridor parameters, in target mapping dialog to omit any subassembly per region would be very useful.





Look at this:


The photoshop picture is great!  We could tick and untick some subassembly in a particular region.





That's a good idea, we have a custom .net subassembly where we can turnoff processing of all SAs on the outside side of this SA through a range of stations but can not turn off specific subassemblies using the corridor "Parameter Editor" and "Apply to a Station Range" tools. That way we can make different parts of the Assembly behave differently through different station ranges without having to create a bunch of regions.


Logically it is pretty easy to do what you want in .NET subassemblies so really it is only a better user interface for turning things on and off that is really needed.


In the image below you will see the setup where the "FDOTStopProcessing" SA is higher than the "FDOTLane" SA, if Stop Processing parameter is set to "True", then anything following Stop Processing SA will not be processed. The "Apply to a Station Range" will allow you to change that parameter over a certain range or ranges. The one bad thing about the "Apply to a Station Range" tool is i've not been able to figure out a way to easily view what ranges have been set to behave differently.




From where is that image?


Is your app, is photoshop, is Vehicle tracking module,..?


In my case, I have one custom subassembly to interpole slope between the start and end region.

I have 2 input parameters:

-start slope (in the start of the Region)

-end slope (in the end of the Region).

I use in the SAC, BaseLine.StartRegion and BaseLine.EndRegion.


Due I have to put 2 values (start slope and end slope) that are different in each region, I have to create a new assembly with this subassemblie if I can change those values.


Perhaps, int he "parameters" tab, If we can tick and untick subassemblies, another possibility is we can import to the "parameters" tab, the Input parameters about a particular subassembly that we want.

In this case, we only have a single assembly, and we could change the input parameters in the subassembly directly from the "parameters" tab.


in other words, I didn´t have to create several assemblies with the same subassembly which uses diferent input parameters in each assembly.



 Michael works for Florida Department of Transportation. The image is from one of their custom subassemblies. I like their approach.


I might just borrow it Apple style and roll it into a third party app and add the UI to make the changes Michael mentioned. 

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