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Connect a pipe from one network to a structure in a DIFFERENT network.

Connect a pipe from one network to a structure in a DIFFERENT network.

We use one network to represent EXISTING storm structures and pipes.  We routinely need to connect a proposed pipe network to one of the structures within the existing network.  I already have a request to be able to create the existing network via the survey tools (  When using that feature, the existing network would be included in the survey file and attached via data shortcut to the proposed design file.

I'm mainly talking about gravity networks but this would also be useful for pressure networks.



If i'm not mistaken, this feature has already been implemented in the latest version of Civil 3D (2024.x)


@pieter_haeck , I just started to tinker with C3D2024.  I'll have to investigate that.


If this is really possible, then my other request (noted above) would be even more beneficial.  I'd LOVE to create the existing pipe network from the imported survey data, have it data referenced into my design file where I would indicate that the MH from the existing network will be shown in this new network.

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @doni49 . 

@pieter_haeck is correct: we added the ability to connect a pipe from one network to the structure of another network in a recent release. I'll close this idea but keep your other idea open.


Thanks guys.  That was indeed a feature addition that I missed.  After seeing the comment from @pieter_haeck, I tested it in C3D 2024 and it worked fine -- I even attached a network via data shortcut and then attached a new pipe to one of the manholes in the referenced network. 

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