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Civil 3D Command Task Manager

Civil 3D Command Task Manager

Have you ever worked on a complex drawing and made the fatal choice of running a command and selecting an object of considerable size? Like a 3D polyline with 30,000+ vertices?


Rather than having to CTRL ALT DEL and shut the entire program down with Windows Task Manager, it would be nice to have a command task manager where you can end a particular command that is attempting to process. I would guess this might be pretty difficult to do for Autodesk, but it would be great if there was a Task Manager for AutoCAD / Civil 3D.


There are times when working on complex drawings that you select the wrong type of object to work with and it freezes the software - eventually it will process but takes a considerable amount of time or doesn not process at all. Example is when attempting to trim a 3D polyline that came from the Minimum Distance Between Surfaces command but there are a number of others I've seen in the past.


I realize this could be something that would have to be built in from the AutoCAD side - not sure if it's even possible.




This would be brilliant.

Why not just programme it into the ESC key for C3D perhaps?


It would be so nice if there was cancel/interupt command that would instantly stop a long process such as a complex grading.

Sometimes I start a grading and then realise that I forgot to check the elevation of a feature line. By the time the grading completes I've forgotton what I was I was going to check ! 


- Mick

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I agree, this is a duplicate request.




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.

Status changed to: Under Review

Great idea, but it is going to need a deeper look by our development team to determine technical scoping, before potentially moving into our short term development backlog.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


I think it would be fairly helpful to have a command that will quickly allow for the cancel of an ongoing (slow processing) command such as an accidental hatch of something that's a 3D element or other command that is taking a long time to respond.... you need a Ctrl-Alt-Del command of some sort to bring up a menu (like windows has) to allow the user to stop a current Civil 3D process/command that's running too long.  I think you've needed this for at least the past 10 years that I've been using your program and CAD users across the globe will rejoice when you conjure one up.


Overall when you have enabled the auto-update corridor option and your corridor is updating just in that moment, to cancel that operation and disable the auto-update in that corridor then.

Community Visitor

I second this request as I am waiting for a hatch command to clear out so I can fix a gap. Going on 15 minutes.


This is an essential feature that must be implemented in the net version.  Civil 3D is not stable.  With large complex files the file freezes for no reasons lots of times (e.g. with OSNAP on panning around the cursor will try to snap to a complex feature line and the drawing freezes).   Civil 3D needs an absolute kill keystroke that terminates the active process immediately.  Not having this drives me insane.  Ctrl + alt + delete has to be used too often.  ESC is not sufficient. 


As i'm writing this my 100 mb drawing is locked up cause i tried to move an alignment.  I guess my brand new Dell Precision workstation isn't sufficient to run cad...


Please put a kill key stroke in the next release.



100 MB DWG file?  Yeah, I don't thing any computer new old or otherwise is going to handle that amount of data in a single file on an AutoCAD-based program.  Its not about getting a "kill switch" or needing monster hardware, this sounds more like adopting a better work process i.e. XREFs, DREFs, and more, smaller files.


Incorrect.  You can't pass judgement because you have absolutely no idea what kind of work i'm doing.


In my work, which is dealing with large amounts of complex survey data, 100 mb is a small file.  My base files where i compile and manipulate the raw data push 1 GB at times.  The 100 mb files are significantly reduced and are stripped down to often just a single data shortcut surface with some minor design work in the same file.


It is all about needing a kill switch.  Monster hardware is also critical.  You're post is 100% incorrect. 





If you provide DWG and reference files, we may be able to figure out what is bogging you down.


I suggest using eTransmit and include all files in ZIP.




If I were you, I'd start looking at alternative Civil CAD applications. They are not going to be adding in a "kill switch". 


Why the hell not, if possible. You could easiliy drag a corridor region where you have targets set wrong and Civil crashes instead of prompting 'no solution available' (just for a single example). 'PauseBreak' on keyboard for the step back key! Correct me if wrong, but in DOS you can execute calls with the key?


 A kill switch is not really feasible in today's development world. In DOS it was easy because it was stepping line by line in code and you were essentially pausing it with a keystroke. Today, it's running several complex commands at once, and in order to enable a kill switch, every piece of code would have to be listening for the user input of that switch. Adding code to pause and listen for a kill switch would exponentially slow the processing of the commands because as they loop through recursive code, the code would pause to check if a kill switch was sent. That pause might be a microsecond, but with the amount of times code would have to stop to listen, that time you're waiting on it could double, triple, or more.


I thought the idea was to share ideas for improvements.  Stop being so short sighted saying something can't be done.  Not productive.  

Nobody is saying it can't be done. What is being said is that Autodesk is not going to do it. You can sit around waiting for it to (never) happen until you retire someday, or you can find an alternative that does what you want, or find other workarounds in Civil 3D. If you want to have more influence over future development, join the beta program and get a little closer to the dev teams. The feature set of the next version is already set in stone, and probably 90% of the the feature set of the version following that. 

If not adding a kill switch being an option, could a status bar show estimate time of completion or a warning that says "The edit performed will take this long ___. Do you want to proceed?"  See Idea that is related to this topic.



I'm with Brainer101 on this. We have several models in the 100-200Mb range and this is simply due to the size of the projects and datasets used.

I hear you about datalinking and so-on, this can help in certain situations but isn't always feasible or preferable and can be finicky.


This isn't even high end 3D software we're talking about, it's prismatic 2D. Go look at pro-audio software, automotive/aerospace software, game design software and you'll regularly see huge files, better workflows and better performance.


C3D seriously needs multithreading, a better, faster graphics engine...and a killswitch. There is no excuse for modern pro-level software not to have these. 

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