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Allow styles to turn display on/off based on VP.

Allow styles to turn display on/off based on VP.

I routinely have multiple sheets in on dwg file (one sheet per layout tab) and sometimes have more than one VP on the same sheet.


I'm dealing with one such case now.  I have pipe network shown and the structure label is within the VP's overlapping area.  I only want to show the label in ONE of the VPs.  The overlapping area is only shown so the person reading the plan can see how the two VPs relate to each other.


Similarly, I also have spot elevations shown in this overlapping area and I only want to show them in ONE of the VPs.


But to do this, I have to create a separate style for each of them.  Then assign each style to a special layer.  Then VPFreeze the appropriate layers.


What you're wanting to do can be achived currently with layers. Just grab your label and put it on a layer. Now vpfreeze that layer, and the label will behave like anything else.

Should work for cogo points or surface labels too (whatever your spotheights are.)


I think possibly what we need is better handling of layers by the labels in C3D.

Maybe this idea will help.


That's an interesting option.  I don't know why I never thought of it.  But I would agree the whole styles/layers thing needs improved in general.



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