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Alignment labels--- Type: Additional stations

Alignment labels--- Type: Additional stations



In my opinion, Civil 3D should include a new type in the Alignment Label Set dialog box to add labels in particular stations.

Similar than additional stations in the frequency of the corridor Regions.




Moreover, this type of label should allow us drag and drop this type of labels to move the label along the alignment, changing automatically its station.

If the station is out of range of the alignment, that station is simply ignored.



I have solved this using the "Design Speeds" table (Alignment Properties- Criteria tab) and then adding Alignment labels (Projects speeds Type). 


Even if I edit "Station control" and I pick in the "Reference point" to relocate in the middle of the alignment, I can use these labels as if they were offset values.


However I just do it if my alignment does not need Superelevations due to Superelevations are calculated from Project speeds.

In my opinion, the Alignment Properties window should have a new tab called "Additional stations" to add new stations as we do in the "Design Speeds" table.

And then the Alignment label should have a new type= Additional stations which put labels on the stations established in the "Additional stations" tab of the Alignment properties...

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