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Notification frequency for document changes

Notification frequency for document changes

Hi Autodesk,

We'd like to see an option to the e-mail notifications frequency in the project admin menu. We'd like to see a button on the 'services' tab, where we can set the frequency at which the document changes are being communicated by the system.


If we have a subscription to a folder right now, we get instant e-mails whenever something changes. We'd like to be able to set up notification frequencies just like issues and checklists. (instantly, hourly and daily).

Check screenshot example below. (it's in Dutch, but you get the point).


I don't know about others, but we get a lot of commentry of subcontractors of spam in their e-mail boxes due to the way the current system is setup (and unconfigurable).

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@Anonymous I agree !

Furthermore it should be possible to select the type of document change to be notified of.
Only new documents - only changed documents - only deleted documents (or all of them).


The e-mail notifications should be more configurable - even weekly shedule.  Now there are to many e-mails and it feels a bit like spamming

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Better if there would be a notification within BIM 360 Docs site like this very website where there's a notification button at the top of the page.

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