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Watchpoint not working for any input except the first input

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Watchpoint not working for any input except the first input

What I am trying to achieve?
1) I want to drive scattering of mesh using Y-position AND the vertex color.

2) I was not able to find a way to have both 1) texture and 2) Vertex paint on the same material.

3) I was able to create a color set but found no way to see both the basecolor (hooked in Vray material) and the vertex paint that I tried to paint.

4) So I duplicated the mesh, gave it lambert material and painted vertex color on it. Named the color set "grass_region"

5) Now that I've two inputs in bifrost graph 1) Mesh with texture 2) Mesh with vertex color

6) The watchpoint is not working of the 2nd input.. or any other input expect the first one (mesh with texture)


What am I doing wrong.. figuring this out ate up my 2 hours ๐Ÿ˜ฃ


Unfortunately my personal PC is fried so I'm stuck with the most intuitive tool in existence available in my office PC.

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in reply to: ayushbakshi98

The node's input needs to be connected to another output node or a terminal to process the data. 


color vertex usually comes as vector4 so make sure you are reading the data correctly when you use a get geo property. 


For the rest of the questions easier if you can share the graph and what you are doing. 

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in reply to: sepu6

Plugging it in output worked. So did plugging it in terminal's proxy and diagnostic port (didn't work in final port for some reason though).


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