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Convert bifrost strands to Maya Nurbs Curve

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Convert bifrost strands to Maya Nurbs Curve

Is there a way to convert something bifrost outputs back into Maya Nurbs curves, similar to how there is a bifrostGeoToMaya node for meshes? I am able to get curves using the write_Alembic node, so it seems somehow to be possible, but if I write out to alembic cache and have to import that file every time the curves won't be live in Maya. Is there any way to achieve this similar to bifrostGeoToMaya?

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Unfortunately, converting Bifrost curves to Maya curves via bifrostGeoToMaya is not yet implemented.

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Ok, thanks for the info. Is it possible to access the point data to recreate the curve like write_Alembic does? 

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Well, you can easily convert a strand curve to a point cloud using get_point_position + construct_points if that's what you're asking.

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Hi guys,

any update on a possible workflow to export animated curves from strands outside bifrost graph?


Also, how to rebuild the curves from a point cloud?


I tried to convert the point cloud to volume and then to mesh, and even though the effect could be nice it's not the same thing as render out animated curves as tubes or ribbon at rendertime.



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@a.mayaUser You can export curves/strands as Alembic using the write_Alembic node. Convering the curves to a point cloud is a workaround and I wouldn't advocate it unless you have no other option. That said, I hope we can soon support converting curves/strands directly to volumes.

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Thanks @morten.bojsen-hansen , the alembic exporter from the bifrost graph is what I'm using, but I'm getting inconsistent results from time to time, I thought there was maybe an updated workflow.

I don't know exactly what's happening, but here an example, it's an animation of the magnitude on the sample file from bifrost browser:




Any idea on what can be the cause of the curves disappearing?

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@a.mayaUser If you provide a scene file I'll try to reproduce and log a bug.

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in reply to: bugsdabunny

Of course, here's the scene. Don't know if it's a Maya problem while importing this kind of alembic or the exporter.

Thank you for your help.

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Very strange. I am not familiar with the Maya importer but it is known to be quite limited and not complete. If possible, you should use the Bifrost Alembic importer instead (read_Alembic). I tried opening the exported Alembic archive in Houdini and it works perfectly fine there so all things point to the Maya importer being the problem.

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Thanks @morten.bojsen-hansen 

The read_alembic from the bifrost graph works okay, but it's not solving the problem because I need to use non linear deformers on the alembic and then rendering on Redshift.


Looks like a bug to me, I'm not aware of this alembic limitation in the importer from Maya, do I need to ask in the Maya specific forum section if someone is going to fix it for the next updates?

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I think the Maya team are well aware of the limitations of the Alembic importer. I've heard through the grapevine that they are planning to revamp it though I am not aware of any roadmap unfortunately. I wish I could tell you more at this point.

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in reply to: bugsdabunny

Thanks for the update, let's hope it will be soon.

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in reply to: bugsdabunny

I'm looking for the same thing right now.
Are there any news to this topic? Is there a way to convert strands to nurbs curves?

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Any news on this?

It's been a couple of years 😕

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