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Texture as a source of bifrost effect

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Texture as a source of bifrost effect



I want to use texture to specify which part of model will emit effect - in this case only red heat parts of wood need to burn, not the whole wood model. Can somebody tell me how it`s need to be done to work? Which kind of node do we need to use and where to plug it? Big thanks if You can give me some screenshot with all node workflow and settings.


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You need to use vertexcolors for now.

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A region object like here in this graph could also work.

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I don`t know if we understood each other correctly - I don`t need to emit colours from texture, but texture that will be like black/white mask and will show bifrost where to generate fire - let`s say for example that all white areas on the chessboard will generate fire, but not the black ones. Sorry if I`m describing it like that, but I`m new to bifrost, fumes, fluied etc and can`t even say how that option could name. 

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I did understand you correct.

You need to feed those data into your graph. Do some research.


If you need an easier way. just create a second object in the size of your burning area.

Make it a bit smaller so its inside the render geo.



Here is an other hint.


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