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aero explosion demo 2

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aero explosion demo 2

Use the latest version of Bifrost. Bifrost particles and aero cooperate. The simulation speed is very fast 🙂


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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Hello Bruce Lee. Is it Bifrost that was used. 

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This is getting better and better. 

How did you managed to get it working so fast? My little campfire sim took ages. 

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In the distant view, only low resolution is needed. Now, the performance of aero combustion system has been very fast. Of course, I believe that the Bifrost team will make it faster in the future! 🙂

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I assume you are using a fixed voxel size?

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The voxel size of the explosion is 0.15. The size of the burning voxel produced on the ground is 0.2 .

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i would need more ram 

i would need more diskspace

and maybe a Threadripper 😄

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Of course, a more powerful hardware configuration can produce larger and more detailed scenes. 🙂
For big companies that make Hollywood movies, they are server clusters. Now, we can make large-scale simulations with ordinary home PCs. This is due to the powerful performance of Bifrost. 

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

bruce are u sure that its 9.7 billion voxels?its crazy dude
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in reply to: suryamunny

Sorry, I made a mistake. It should be about 0.97 billion.

Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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