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How to get the correct output array from a do_while inside of a for_each?

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How to get the correct output array from a do_while inside of a for_each?

I have an array of point positions that I want to pass through a do_while loop until a certain condition is met.  My input arrays are all set to "Set Port Iteration Target" = True.  The problem I'm having is the data coming out of the do_while is all the same.  Every index of the output array is the same value.  I would have thought setting the port iteration target would have informed the do_while to populate the output indices accordingly.  But it doesn't.  So what's the trick?  How do I get the correct output in this situation?


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UGH!!!  ID.10.T strikes again!!!  My bad.


But it doesn't explain why every index in the array was the same value.  But at least I got the values I moving on.

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