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Display colors channels not displaying on bifrost mesh!

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Display colors channels not displaying on bifrost mesh!

When I click on "Display colors" under Mesh component display for my bifrost mesh cache I expected to see the velocity, vorticity, etc. color channels. But nothing happens. In the color set editor it seems to register that the information is there, but nothing displays when I toggle on display colors. Any thoughts?

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in reply to: jmollot

Could you explain your issue a bit further maybe with some screengrabs.

Im not sure what you are trying todo.

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

Attaching two screenshots, one of how color channels (velocity, vorticity, etc.) are supposed to be displayed in Maya, and the other is my project where I checked display colors but nothing happened. Also you can see that the color set editor does say I have those channels available. It just doesn't seem to display them. The ultimate goal of having those channels is to create a layered texture mask so that the fluid can have a different color where the water has a higher velocity, vorticity, etc. 

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In the Attribute Editor for bifrostLiquid1MeshShape, expand Mesh Controls and make sure that Current Color Set is set to the colors you want to see, such as bifrost_vorticity (you can also use bifrostVorticity — Bifrost Fluids understands these as synonyms).


To see the colors, you may also need to temporarily change the liquid mesh's material to something like Lambert because the colors don't seem to display with aiStandardSurface. Now you should be able to see the colors using Mesh Display > Toggle Display Colors Atttribute.


Let me know if that helps,


Grahame Fuller
Learning Content Developer
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Changing to Lambert worked!

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