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Bifrost with Curves

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Bifrost with Curves

Hey everyone,

  I'm still fairly new to Bifrost, I'm an ex- Softimage ICE guy.  I'm wondering does Bifrost currently have a way to import and use geometry queries on curves?


I can't seem to get the curve or its shape into Bifrost, so I'm assuming that its a no for now.


Getting curves into the tree and having the ability to use the geometry queries on them will be very helpful when it comes to making deformers and rigging components.


For example, in ICE we made a character that had a squash operator on it.  To find the direction of squash we would query the closest point on a curve that was skinned to the characters spine.  Then we would derive the direction of push from that.

So is there currently a way to do this in Bifrost that I just missed? If not I think its something that would be useful for many reasons.

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You have to create the strands direct in Bifrost or use this script here.

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Cool, okay at least there is a way. Thank you very much

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