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limiting the number of voxels used within a Bifrost Sand simulation

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limiting the number of voxels used within a Bifrost Sand simulation


I am currently working on a sand simulation within Bifrost. The problem I am having is that it appears as though the voxels (or particles?) are increased with each frame. As the simulation runs, the unrestricted increase in voxels inevitably causes the software to crash. In the video below, the render crashes around frame 200, from which point I looped the video in reverse. 

What I want is for the sand simulation to use a limited number of voxels. Instead, it appears more like there is an emitter consistently increasing the voxel count within the predetermined volume. I have looked in all of the places I can think of to limit this number, but have not yet found that option. Any help in preventing the increase in voxels and ensuing software crash would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for any time and effort helping me with this issue. 

Screenshot 2020-09-18 20.43.53.png

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Looks like sand emitting constantly. Are you enable and set end frame on source mpm sand?

Anton Kalchenko
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in reply to: to-to-ro

Solved, thank you very much 

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