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Bifrost scattering

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Bifrost scattering

How can I get scatter points to arrange in a certain order like the way the scales on this Gila monster are grown. I colored several blue to show that. Also, how can I get scales to become flat on the surface of a model after scattering them?

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Even if you find a way to place the scales in the main body area in that pattern you have a problem in the more complex areas around the limbs or eyes. I would use the topo as a guide. So you have full control over the placement and it would work even if the gila is moving.

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What about laying over the surface?

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Yes i would layer them on top of the geo. But use the center of the faces to place the scales.

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Earlier you said to use the topology as a guide.

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Yes the topo is the guide to place the scales. You have ot model the body in diagonales to get the pattern.

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If I want the desired scattering I showed you with the blue colored scales, would I have to use the triangulate mesh node?

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No model the basemesh by hand. 

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in reply to: hintzjt7

Never mind what I said about the triangulate mesh node. Would I have to select the vertices for the desired pattern?

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Based on all your question here in the forum you arnt a Senior TD. Without the needed skill you wont be able todo that in Bifrost. You need to develop your own tool/graph in bifrost.  


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