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How to use metric dimensions in AutoCAD web

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How to use metric dimensions in AutoCAD web

No matter what I do all my AutoCAD projects in AutoCAD web are using imperial units which makes the program pretty much useless to me.


When I set up Units format to Architectural then all units are shown in imperial values.

Even AutoCAD DWG files created on the desktop app with metric units are shown in imperial units when imported to AutoCAD web app.


I wanted to buy the app but I have to be able to use it with metric units.

Does anyone know how to change it?

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$10/month ($100/yr) web-based AutoCAD is not an equal replacement for $245/month (~$6000/yr) desktop AutoCAD sadly.


I usually start a metric file in AutoCADWEB like this



And I've never experienced a metric-units-set DWG file from desktop AutoCAD suddenly changing just by opening it in AutoCADWEB so I am unsure about how to help you "go back". Any chance you can share a portion of your DWG file that does this?

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