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Help with making an arc in AutoCAD.

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Help with making an arc in AutoCAD.

Hi everyone!
So I just started an online course in AutoCad and have been given this task. I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to do this. Maybe some of you could help telling me what to do here?

The task:

Describe how to draw an arc with a center point of 120.60, a radius of 15.75 mm and an arc angle of 150 degrees. The starting angle is 90 degrees. Draw the arc. How is the arc positioned if the starting angle is 0 degrees? Also draw this arc. Indicate on the drawings what the starting angle is.

Greatly appreciate all replies!

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Hi @postYRNZJ 


Command line input should be:

Command: ARC
Specify start point of arc or [Center]: C
Specify center point of arc: 120,60
Specify start point of arc: 15.75 <- turn ORTHO mode on, move mouse vertically from the center point and type 15.75
Specify end point of arc (hold Ctrl to switch direction) or [Angle/chord Length]: A
Specify included angle (hold Ctrl to switch direction): 150


For the second task - the same, but in the step #3 (after turning ORTHO on) - move mouse to the left from the center point of arc.


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Maxim Kanaev

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in reply to: maxim_k

Thank you so much for your answer! It helped me a lot!

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