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OptiX denoiser on mac m1

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OptiX denoiser on mac m1

Hello everyone, Has anyone ever experienced issues with rendering on Arnold using a MacBook Pro M1? I've been trying everything, but all the renders are filled with noise. If I attempt to apply the OptiX denoiser, it gives me this error (// Warning: WARNING |imager_denoiser_optix is unsupported in this build). This has been happening for about a year now; previously, my renders were perfect. Thanks in advance to everyone for your help.

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The NVIDIA OptiX denoiser doesn't work on macs because there's no NVIDIA GPU in them. Hence the warning about this being unsupported in your build (your build being the macos build). Try instead the OIDN denoiser which also comes with Arnold. It works essentially in the same way but will run on macos.

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>but all the renders are filled with noise.

Are you able to share your render settings samples? Any details about the scene would also be useful. 

Tutorials on removing noise can be found here:

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Thank you very much, for responding, I'll show you the character I was making, to which I just can't remove the grain

Screenshot 2024-01-27 alle 21.36.48.png

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Screenshot 2024-01-27 alle 21.46.48.png

 Here a version with higher light samples


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It looks like you are using sss? Try increasing the number of sss samples. Try 4. Only go higher if you see a noticeable difference.

skydome_light.samples should be enough.

I don't think specular samples need to be that high either.

Try increasing Camera (AA) samples to 4 or 5. 

Do you need clamping? 

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Screenshot 2024-01-30 alle 09.48.56.png

Thank you very much the render is definitely improved, but always I see the whole thing unsharp, and poorly defined, should I fix it by always managing the values?

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What do you mean by "unsharp"? Are you using any denoisers? What resolution are you rendering?

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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